History of By-Th'-Bucket

By-Th'-Bucket opened in 1959. It is said it was a simpler time then and that sure rang true for By-Th'-Bucket. Located just a few hundred feet towards the west on Stevens Creek, By-Th'-Bucket was what some would call a hole-in-the-wall establishment.

We mean this literally. You used to walk in and place your orders through a hole-in-the-wall and then wait, pray and even bribe someone to get a table before your food was ready. The comfortable booths and chairs you now sit on are comforts not seen in By-Th'-Bucket in those days. You had a choice of wooden picnic tables topped with bowls of salted peanuts or if you couldn't find a seat the hood of your car would become your table. Now the old timers will tell you tales of how Mike Garcia, the original owner, would put large olives in the bottom of your beer, how they would eat the peanuts and throw the shells right onto the floor, how the shells would be there nearly a week before being swept away and how the buckets of catfish, steamed clams and spaghetti and meatballs were the best anywhere, you know what all of these tales are absolutely true.