Family Owned and Operated:

By-Th'-Bucket has always been family owned and operated. The Garcia Family began the family tradition back in 1959 and that tradition continues today. The Furiosi family are the second owners in the long history of Th' Bucket, having purchased the restaurant from the Garcia's in 1999. This family atmosphere has always been wildly accepted by restaurant guests and employees alike. You know the tradition has to be good when the same faces have been seen either eating or working at Th' Bucket for nearly 20 years. We are proud of our "regulars" and we are even more proud of our employees, most of whom have been with us for over 7 years and in several cases over 15 years. Come join our family!

The Service:

It is our mission to give you the best service possible. From the bright smiles at the host stand to personable and attentive staff members whose number one goal is to get you the meal you desire. From the very beginning in 1959, Th' Bucket has been a destination for those who wanted great food from great personalities. We instill in each of our staff members to be themselves, so that your next visit isn't like the last because the personality that serves you most likely will be different. That is if you don't reserve a spot in your favorite servers section. (Yes, that is allowed!) So stop on in and experience the service for yourself but please understand there may be a wait since food and service this good shouldn't be rushed!

In 1985, By-Th'-Bucket made the big move of a few hundred feet to it's current location. With its larger capacity, its downstairs private room (that you may or may not know even exists) and its much larger menu, By-Th'-Bucket established itself as one of the premier neighborhood bar & grills.

Over the years, By-Th'-Bucket has made a few changes from the remodeling of the downstairs private room to the addition of the murals, booths and wine racks. One of the biggest changes though was in 1999 when the Furiosi family became the current owners of this great establishment. Since then the Furiosi's have added to the menu and the ambiance, with a larger selection of fine wines, our specialty By-Th'-Bucket drinks, fresh fish specials, upgraded banquet options, By-Th'-Bucket Market (where you can purchase almost anything we make to take home and cook yourself).

All of us here at By-Th'-Bucket would like to thank you for coming and hope that you will continue to allow us to be your favorite neighborhood bar and grill for another 50 years.